2018 and Onward – Cultivating Habits


I am back after a 6-month long hiatus from the blogosphere. For what reason you may wonder – Well, lack of vision. That’s the honest truth. The second half of 2017 was a whirlwind – I traveled, I ate a lot and I also fell sick quite often. Combining all that with the stress of work, I was a mess. It was then that I realized the power of prioritization and organization.

It’s easier said than done. No matter how many organization videos I watched on YouTube, I soon realized that my journey to staying zen and focused began with my mindset and the habits I make. Habits – Easy to start, a struggle to keep. But oh so vital.

So when 2018 began, habits became my number 1 focus. I began with the realization that it’s OK to take baby steps. Aim for the smaller stuff and take it from there:

Habit 1 – Sleeping well. My focus this year is to sleep for a full 8 hrs. My ‘bad’ habit of sleeping late was causing chaos within my body. I had to consciously steer my self away from binge-watching The Office, close my laptop and hit the bed by 10:30. They say if you do these things for 1 week it slowly develops into routine and it honestly worked for me.

Habit 2 – Getting up early. I am still working on this. 🙂 Baby steps, like I said. Although I have to say, sleeping early has removed that nasty lazy-body feeling in the morning.

Habit 3 – Drinking Water. I was so bad at this and I really don’t know why. I got myself a big bottle to fill up and I literally had to set timers to remind myself to drink water (yes, cringe). But hey, it works.

Habit 4 – Walking for 30 minutes everyday. Ohhh this was a biggy for me. I hate any form of exercise. It really isn’t the activity itself, but more the ‘getting ready and walking out of the door’ part which I hate. Once I start though, I am focused. I discovered that there is nothing you cannot get done without good music. So armed with my headphones, I am happy to say that this Habit has been successful and my body is thanking me for it. It’s amazing how your body starts craving a work out once you develop a routine.

Well, these are my top 4 Habits and so far so good. With a renewed energy I hope to fill up my blog this year and share the things I love. I also hope it gives any of you reading this a little motivation. And remember, it only starts with YOU taking the first steps. Happy 2018.


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