Blogging, is it for me?


The first time I heard the term, was when a friend of mine was speaking to me about her blog. I remember thinking that it sounded too technical. 5 years late/later I discovered a few blogs during my daily ritual of interior design browsing. Treasure troves such as Design Sponge, Artnlight, Perpetually Chic enlightened me about the blogging world. I was so blown away by this space where you could share your take on ANYTHING. It motivated me to start my own little nook in the world wide web. Unfortunately, I realized that blogging, like playing an instrument, takes dedication and time. Fast forward a year later and I am sitting here typing this piece, determined to ensure that Dalhousie Style sustains my enthusiasm for blogging. I hope that someone somewhere gets inspiration from my posts and I hope to never stop learning through blogs.


5 thoughts on “Blogging, is it for me?

  1. Go for it! Blogging is really great fun and very rewarding. I’ve made tons of friends through this and I really hope you like your experience. If you need any help or something like that just let me know – I love helping people 🙂

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  2. Blogging not only let’s you express your passions and ideas , but also connects you with like minded people. It broadens your mind when you read the blogs from the people all over the world.


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